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Courses FAQs

Down-arrowWho are the Online Content Partners for this platform?

HP LearnPro has tied up with the top-rated EdTech providers. They are our trusted partners for best-in-industry digital learning content. We are constantly adding new partners to the platform so we can bring you the best of content at the best of prices

Down-arrowIs HP LearnPro only for HP consumers?

No, it is an open platform, anyone can register on HP LearnPro and choose from a wide range of e-courses available for students and business professionals. HP consumers can additionally benefit by enjoying extra savings as they are eligible for HP LearnPro coins after they have registered their HP device as part of the log in process. These coins carry the additional discount that can be redeemed only on this site. Each course has corresponding LearnPro Coins mentioned amount next to it.

Down-arrowAre there any free courses/demo classes available for new users?

Nothing is free right now so lets bring this later.

Down-arrow Is there any cost involved in registering on HP LearnPro?

Registering at HP LearnPro is absolutely free of cost! Anyone can register, set up their profile and start learning from the get-go.

Down-arrowHow do I start making my profile?

To start building your profile, you have to first register on HP LearnPro through your email id or phone number. Once you have successfully registered, set your preferences as per your goals and interests in the My Profile section of the platform to get personalized content for better learning experience.

Down-arrowIs it possible to update my profile after I have set it up?

Yes, it is possible to update and edit your profile even after you have set it up. Just go the My Profile section and click on Edit Profile to proceed.

Down-arrowWhat benefit will I get with exclusive LearnPro Coins?

If you’re a registered HP customer with LearnPro Coins in your account, you can redeem them against any course for extra savings over and above the already discounted price.

Down-arrowAre there only specific courses against which I can redeem my LearnPro Coins?

LearnPro Coins can be redeemed against any and all courses available on HP LearnPro for extra discounts and savings. Each course carries the amount split into 2 components – the actual amount you have to pay and the amount of LC that will be deducted from your a/c if you buy that course.

Down-arrowWhere can I check my balance LearnPro Coins?

You can check your LearnPro Coins balance in the My Profile section. Select the My Coins tab and you will be able to see your balance coins along with recent transactions.

Down-arrow Why am I not able to register using my email ID?

There can be multiple reasons for this, the most common one being that you might have already registered on HP LearnPro with the same email ID. If that is not the case, you can get in touch with our customer support at

Down-arrowMy HP device registration status says ‘not verified’ – why is this happening?

You can only register your HP laptop on HP LearnPro. If your HP laptop registration status is ‘not verified’, it can be because of two reasons:

1) Sometimes, it takes around 48-72 hours to validate your device serial number against our records. Kindly wait to know the final status of your verification.
2) Your device might not be an HP original product, making it ineligible to be verified.

Down-arrow Does HP LearnPro provide customer support?

Yes, we provide customer support for all our registered users. You can write to us at

- Why am I not being able to register my HP device with my profile?
- I am unhappy with the course provider service – what are my options?

Down-arrowWhat are LearnPro Coins?

LearnPro Coins are exclusive coins that can be earned by registering an existing or new HP device on HP LearnPro. They can be redeemed against any course available on the site.


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